The following movie synopsis is one of the three registered with the Writers Guild in Los Angeles, CA.   Substantiated reference has been received that the  following "Fargo's Noah" Synopsis was given to the Cass County Prosecuting Attorney, who in turn was probably not aware that when Hollywood states in its movie "Based On A True Story", it is not 100% true to fact.  The last paragraph of this version states that funding of project has been completed, whereas in reality the Silver Eagle Executive Summary below has not yet been funded!!!    Consequently, the State of North Dakota thought Mr. Noorlun had money and brought up the old Federal Charges and now the State is trying to collect on the personal debt which belongs in Civil Court.  The names of the parties have been changed to protect them.



To Whom It May Concern:

  We are requesting a grant and/or a loan, or a Production Co,  to complete the documentary on the building of Noah’s Ark and the production of the following movie:


FARGO'S NOAH - The Movie

Based on a True Story Movie Synopsis of Lyle J. Noorlun

Political influences, misused for personal vengeance, bends the letter of the law to unjustly prosecute an honest man, imprisoned for attempting to rebuild Noah’s Ark.


      Born Dec 23, 1944, St Cloud, Minnesota Mother half German and half Ojibwa, Indian.  His father full blooded Norwegian.  Raised by mother until 5, partly on Northern Minnesota reservation when he among other things learned to fish by only using his hands. His step-father, John McDonough, was a 110% Irishmen.  At age 5 he was sent in a taxi to his unbeknown father until he left home at age 13.  .  Lived/worked on farms in Southern Minnesota, Northern Iowa farming towns until 17 when he joined USAF.  After Air Forced went back home to Minnesota until 1980 and moved to Marina del Rey, California.

      Incident happened approximately 4 years ago. Story begins with a tow truck hauling what appears to be a 1953, XK 120 Jaguar through Marina del Rey, CA    An arrest happened as they were unloading Lyle Prototype Car he has been building for the last 10 years and which resembles a 1953, XK 120 Jaguar.  The driver, Lyles and his significant other Gladys of 13 years  pulling in front of their residence of 12 years and stop to unload car.  The tow truck driver turned on his flashing lights and out of nowhere, three, gun drawn, US Marshals had Lyle lie on the ground, hand cuffed him and arrest him for alleged mail fraud and money laundering.  His friends and neighbors who had gathered were as shocked as he was.  Lyle has a clean Fed and State Criminal record and all charges were dismissed after being investigated for 35 months.  Having been brought up in the Midwest believes Integrity is a person’s most important asset.

      The mail fraud charges stemmed from money ($250,000- 7 different loan checks) he had borrowed from the Jerda family, Fargo, No Dakota for (1) start up cost for a US Non-Profit Organization, World Peace Flag Organization.  (2)  Seed money for the development of Silver Eagle Unlimited, a Nevada Corporation.  A few people in the Federal Government contended that because the loan checks and subsequent promissory notes were sent through the mail and because the entire loan had not been paid back on time it was considered to be a Federal criminal matter and not a civil matter.  All throughout the 35 month Federal Investigation Lyle always admitted that he borrowed the money and could not pay it all back.  He did pay back $67,000 during the months just before the arrest.  The Jerda Family wanted it all.  Mrs. Jerda at the Grand Jury hearing to see if the Government had enough evidence to bring charges read all the answers to the Grad Jury’s question off of pre printed answer provided by the Government.  It was later established she was not capable of answering on here own because of her memory loss and all charges were dismissed.

     The World Peace Flag Organization raises money to be given to help feed and house the homeless thru the distribution of peace products.  Its goal is to have a different peace flag each year for the next 10 years and then have the human family vote as to which flag will become the International Flag of Peace.  No one person has earned any salary since its inception in 1996 and when salaries are to begin Its By-Laws state that no one person will earn more than $500 a week in salary.  Approximately $70,000 of the above funds was used to market this US Non-Profit Organization and we have over $200,000 of inventory available.

     The Silver Eagle project consists of developing 509 acres of land in Pahrump, NV to include the constructions of a Major Motion Picture Studio, Renascence Theme Park, over one mile of Commercial RE on highway 160, approximately 200 Equestrian homes and an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.

     After being arrest for alleged Mail Fraud Lyle was held in the Federal Prison System for approximately three months before being released to the custody of his 13 year partner Gladys.  When they tried to get him released on bail no Bail Bondsmen could help as the Government would only accept a home equity bond of $100,000.  The Federal Court system would not accept cash.  During Lyle’s jail time he was wrongfully held and had to associate with Federal Convicted Prisoners.  Killers, rapist, robbers, you name it he was among them.  Spent time in four different prisons and spent one 11 hours day on Con Air with nothing to eat and one inmate was offered a plastic bag to urinate and or defecate in when he asked to use the facilities.  Lyle went on hunger strikes and the like just so I could be thrown into the hole to get away from the weirdoes.   Walked away from several fights and advances.  Our Federal Prison System is HELL and while awaiting trial you are treated as guilty until proven innocent.

     During the 35 month of the investigation, Lyle was given a Court Appointed Attorney who was paid for by the same people who were investigating him because the system had taken all the assets he owned and he could not afford any further private counsel.   The Speedy Trial law was abused by the Federal Government several times over the almost three year period.  It states trial must happen within 60 days of arraignment and that process must happen within 10 days of arrest.  It never did and took one month short of three years to have it scheduled and then ALL charges dismissed two days before because of insufficient evidence on the part of the Federal Government.  Also, during their investigation he was not permitted to work at his profession as an Investment Consultant of 32 years or mention Peace or have anything to do with the World Peace Flags Organization.  Consequently, he lost the two investors who were about to put 25 million into the SE Project.  Additionally, at one point, out of fear, he agreed to a plea bargained hardly ever used in the court system which is the Alford Plea. After entering the plea they wanted him to confess to things he did not do, the plea was consequently rescinded by an intelligent Fargo, No Dakota Judge.  The Rule 20 was also abused.  During the 35 months of Federal abuse several articles were written by the Fargo Newspaper that was 100% bias against Lyle.   His attorney advised him not to try and clear up his name on each occasion when the paper erroneously printed lies fully taking the side of the “little old lady”.   It was never printed in any of their papers that her college educated son Jon approved each and every loan.

     The abuse from the Federal Government stems from the fact, Fargo, No Dakota is a small town of only about 80,000 people.  Everybody knows everybody.  Approximately 30 years ago when Jon Jerda and the Prosecuting Attorney were younger, the town was only about 30,000 people.  The son of the Jerda family, Jon, is a retired Policeman and the Prosecuting Attorney went to the same schools and was good friends.  Fact of the matter is Mrs. Jerda was the principal of a school just outside of Fargo and the family knew everybody.  It is a fact that Mrs. Jerda was very tight with her money.  She was the rich little old lady who lived like a hermit in a small apartment in downtown Fargo and filled her purse with food from the local buffets. She was to cheep to hire here own Attorney and go to Civil Court where the matter belonged.  Her Policemen son Jon has made several death and/or body injury threats against Lyle.

NOTE:  During the four years prior to the arrest Lyle and Gladys have maintained their current small one room apartment in Marina del Rey, California and had a Houseboat at Las Vegas Bay Marina which was used as an office.  After being released on bail and awaiting trial Lyle and Gladys were donated the use of a 49 foot Yacht, parked in front of the Ritz Carlton in Marina del Rey, CA by Gladys son who was the base player for Ozzy for 8 years, Alice In Chains and currently the band Heart.  These areas and facts should make for interesting story and viewing.

    The happy ending to this story will be the financing of the Silver Eagle Project and will show the building of the exact replica of Noah’s Ark.  Fact is the land that the project was to build on over 4 years ago is still available because the 509 acres is owned by 5 different families and did not have any water rights.  Although, the price has gone up on everything Lyle is still able to obtain enough water rights sufficient to make the project viable and has made a financial deal with able investors to complete the entire Silver Eagle Unlimited Project.   Noah’s Ark is being constructed complete with a hotel on a 20 acres parcel.  Story ends with the investors giving 100% ownership of Noah’s Ark to the US Non-Profit, World Peace Flag Organization. Copyrighted 2003, L. Noorlun with Writers Guild of America 3-14-2003, #919043   visit:   www.fargosnoah.com







one year after Fed Government dismissed all charges:



A US 501 Non- Profit Organization formed in 1996

Contact:  Lyle J. Noorlun, 1-888-339-3524


   Government Sinks ‘Noah’s Ark’ – Again


           Fargo, North Dakota, a So St Paul, native Minnesota man, Lyle J. Noorlun currently residing in California has received paper for the second time,  most recently by the State of North Dakota, Securities Commissioner for the same alleged incident which happened five years ago.  This new Government invasion will again stall the re-construction of an exact replica of Noah’s Ark.  The Ark will be built in Pahrump, Nye County, Nevada, USA and will be an Amusement Park during the daytime and open to the general public.  The Ark is going to be 450 long, 75 wide and at least 45 high with three levels.   Pahrump, NV is just 45 minutes South West from the famous Las Vegas Strip.  The Ark will be constructed out of a plastic like material so in the evenings the top part of the Ark will come off and Concerts will be performed.  It will be built and owned by the World Peace Flag Organization, a 501 ©, US non-profit Organization.

            Mr. Noorlun was originally accused by the Federal Government while raising funds for a 509 Acre construction project which included the Ark in Pahrump, NV for mail fraud (borrowing money and not being able to pay it back). The Federal Government had succeeded in keep the Ark from construction for three years while they investigation him and was placed on a very vague 115 word Cease and Desist Order to not receive anymore money (a large amount was about to come in) for the project and he was to resign as Executive Director of the World Peace Flag Organization (WPFO), a US 501 ©, Non Profit Organization, of which he founded.  Imagine in America he could have been arrested again for saying Peace. WPFO raise money to help feed and house the human family thru the distribution of Peace Products.  The Organization selects a different Peace Flag, each year, from people who send in their design. Their will be a total of 10 different flags and at the end of 10 years the Human Family will vote as to which one will become the International Flag of Peace.  Together with the “Peace Wheel” available on the Organizations web site your children can have an educational tool that teaches Geography, Peace and Love. Others can earn compensation by helping to distribute these Peace Products.   No one working for the Organization has received a salary and when they are to begin, its By Laws, state nobody will receive more than $500.00 US a week. Visit www.worldpeaceflag.org and www.fargosnoah.com for full details.    After almost three years of harassment by the Federal Government they “Dismissed all Charges” because it was learned that the Governments main witness, Ms Jerdee was not capable of reading her notes, provide by an unknown source, at the Grand Jury hearing, was not cross examined and therefore the case was demised after her demise.  Mr. Noorlun states: “She was a Born Again Christian and would have told the truth at trial which would have brought Justice to these case years ago.”   .  A major newspaper, Fargo Forum, printed at least 6 front page articles - a sister TV interview insinuating that Mr. Noorlun took advantage of the “poor little old lady” when in fact her eldest son, Jon Jerdee, Executor of the Estate made all decision regarding any money matters of the family.  The newspaper also insinuated that Ms Jerdee “lost all her money” when in fact, she did leaving in excess of $400,000 plus to her family. In addition, Mr. Noorlun still owes the family $165,000.  If Jon would have keep the Annuity/Nursing home policy taken via Mr. Noorlun's suggestion and not cancelled it the estate would have received up to another $150,000.  Noorlun wonders if the Jerdee family needs money why they do not sell the two boats and to automobiles he sent them title to over two hears ago when he had no more cash to send them.  The vehicle are currently rotting away in a storage are in Henderson, NV.

       Now, the State of North Dakota has filed charges against Mr. Noorlun for the same incident calling the old but their new charges “Sale of Unregistered Securities” Its news to me that in American one can be charged TWICE for the same alleged incident.   Why, did the STATE not bring their bogus charges years ago when the Federal Government did?  They could have save the taxpayers some money.  Now I ask anyone anywhere in the World, if I borrow money from you and give you a Promissory Note for repayment is that a Security? – a piece of stock?   Banks, Individuals and lending Institutions have Promissory Notes signed and released everyday.  Have you ever borrowed money from someone either for yourself or your business and they asked for a note.  This is not a Stock.   Certainly not, it is just more harassment by the Governments of the US to stop the construction of the Ark or could it be that the family who Mr. Noorlun borrowed the money from has got connection in high place to collect on a personal debt using the Governments FREE attorneys – again!!  The matter is and always has been a Civil Matter and belongs in Civil Court!!!  If it’s about money, why doesn’t Mr. Jerdee sell the three vehicles I gave the estate title to over two years ago and are rotting away in a storage area in NV? This is a clear case of political influences, misused for personal vengeance that has bent the letter of the law to unjustly prosecute an honest man twice for the same incident which has always been a civil matter.                       

                                                                   - 30 -  


Un-fair Trial of November 17, 2004 Fargo , North Dakota

State of North Dakota vs. Lyle J. Noorlun


Receive 5 years of jail time PLUS 5 years of Probation for first offence:  


Political influences, misused for personal vengeance, bends the letter of the law to unjustly prosecute an honest man, imprisoned for attempting to rebuild Noah’s Ark.


     December 2003 nine Counts were served upon Mr. Noorlun by the State of North Dakota for the same unpaid loan of what had already been dismissed by the Federal Government (called Mail Fraud) just a year prior.  The State of ND believes that not being able to pay a loan is a criminal act.  The counts were for three outstanding Promissory Notes of $170,000 $50,000 & $30,000: 3 counts for Sale of ND Securities, 3counts for Solicitation of  ND Securities and 3 counts for a Cease and Desist order.  It is important to note that all 9 charges had the word “INTENT” in it meaning Mr. Noorlun had  planed for his two projects which the moneys was used for NOT TO BE A SUCCESS.  All of the money which was loaned is accountable for in business expense.  September 2004 Judge N. Backes declared a Promissory Note is now considered in the State of North Dakota a Security and if two parties in the State of ND make a business loan between each other it is considered a Promissory Note and as of Sep 2004 must be registered with the State of North Dakota Securities and Exchange Commission along with a filing fee of $50.00  The State of ND went back 6 years and prosecuted Mr. Noorlun on 3 Promissory Notes with the same ND family. “The new law definition of a Promissory Note was defined in Sept 04.   


    Approximately, 6 years ago Mr. Noorlun had borrowed money from the Jerdee family who live in Minnesota and North Dakota .  Seven loans were made via Promissory Notes over a period of a year and a half.  Four were paid back at 14% interest.  Of the three outstanding notes totaling $250,000 2 custom vehicles and 2 boats were given to the Jerdee family when Mr. Noorlun did not have any more cash per the request of Norma Jerdee the mother of the family. Titles and keys etc were sent to Norma at her request.  The value of these 5 items is between $60,000 and $90,000 dollars.   The current unpaid balance of these notes would be $190,000 if we use the minimum value. NOTE:  These notes were legally dismissed via US Bankruptcy June 2003, however, Mr. Noorlun feels morally obligated to repay.  Jon Jerdee, whom resides in Northome, Minn is the eldest son and is the Executor of his mothers Norma’s Estate and he has been paid back all of this loans.  His wife is still owed $20,000 via a Promissory Note.  For more information regarding the Federal Dismissal visit www.fargosnoah.com   Note:  It appears that the State of Minnesota or any other State in the Union does not consider Promissory Note to be a Security.  Generally a Security (Stock) (by Fed Law definition) would pay a share of the Companies profits (if any); a dividend.  A Promissory note generally will pay set amount of interest.  December 2003, Court Appointed Attorney Mottinger was assigned to this case because Mr. Noorlun had used all his assets up while under 5 years of investigation by the Federal Government before all charges were dismissed two days before trial.  While under Supervised Release Mr. Noorlun could not work at his career of the last 34 years of Financial Planning and worked at a boat yard in So Cal at $8.00 per hour. During Mr. Noorlun 34 years as a Life Insurance salesperson he only had one small complaint for a $600.00 unpaid (by the Insurance Company) medial bill at the California Department of Insurance.  No other complaints in 34 years of service.   How can a person pay back a loan of $190,000 at $8.00 an hour?  He had spent 5 years under Supervised Release which is the same thing as Probations in his home State of California.  With the current result of the State of ND trial Mr. Noorlun has lost of his Financial Planning licenses and would be subject to jobs at $8.00 - $15.00 per hour.  In August of 2004 Mr. Noorlun was asked to join the Financial Planning team of the reputable football player Fran Tarkenton of which his earning would be a minimum of $100,000 per year. The Tarkenton team of Financial Planners is averaging incomes of between $100,000 - $300,000 per year.  If the current $250,000 restitution (should be $190,000) is not paid within 5 years he is subject to another four and a half years of jail time.  Mr. Noorlun has not had any problem with the law since he was a rebellious teenager over 40 years ago because having left home at age 14.


November 2004   Results of un-fair State Trial.


    Mr. Mottinger, the State of ND appointed attorney did not call any of the 11 witness Mr. Noorlun had given him and told him just minutes before trial if he said anything that he would walk out. At the pre-trial hearing Judge Backes would not allow for any witness to be at trial.  It is important to note Mr. Noorlun had tried to fire Mr. Mottinger at three different times notifying via certified mail to Presiding Judge Georgia Dawson, dated 10-20-2004, Judge McGuire – 5-28-2004 and Judge N.  Backes, 9-21-2004 .  NOTE:  In the letter to Judge McGuire of May 04 Mr. Noorlun was also asking for his right to a “Speed Trial” Judge McGuire never responded to this request.  A copy of Judge McGuire’s letter was sent to Presiding Judge Dawson and Judge N. Backes – all to no avail.




  1. Mr. Noorlun never solicited the Jerdee family therefore there was No Sale or Solicitation of Securities violations.  A mutual friend Duane Nelson, of Northome , Minnesota introduced Mr. Jon Jerdee to him and Mr. Jerdee wanted to do better with his and his mothers investments by earning a higher rate of return.  Their money was in the stock market and they were tired of losing it and paying commissions.  Nobody else in North Dakota or any other State was ever solicited for the Promissory Note loan.  Mr. Noorlun ONLY dealt with the Jerdee family as he was asked to by Jon Jerdee, the Executor of the Estate.  No moneys were ever transferred without Jon’s recommendations.


  1. 2.  Mr. Noorlun never “INTENTIONALLY” SOLD OR SOLICITED Securities as defined by ND Law.  The loan was used as seed money for www.worldpeaceflag.org  which has $200,000 of GROSS Contribution assets (4,000 available “1st in 10” peace flags @$50.00 contribution) and for the real estate project know as Silver Eagle Unlimited  which consists of 509 acres located in Pahrump, NV which includes a Motion Picture Studio, Renascence theme park, 1 mile of highway 160 business frontage, Casino/hotel development and 150-180 Equestrian home sites, and the reproduction of Noah’s Ark which will become a fund raiser for the non-profit Organization World Peace Flag Organization.  The Organization raises money to help feed and house the homeless.  Visit:  www.fargosnoah.com to review a three page Executive Summary.  November 8, 2004 the Mayor of Los Angeles presented the Non-Profit with the “Certificate of Outstanding Achievement” award.   November 17, 2004 Fargo , ND court imprisons Mr. Noorlun for not being able to re pay a loan that was legally forgiven.


  1. Their were also 3 counts for not complying with a “Cease and Desist” order which is attached herewith.  As you can see by the governments mail receipt it is clearly not my signature for the receipt of it. (this document is states ND exhibit)  If I did receive such a notice it would have given me the perfect excuse not to have dealt with the Jerdee family when I had run out of money to pay them.  I could have said simply:  “Sorry, the Government will not let me talk or correspond with you in any way because I have been served with a "Cease and Desist Order”  Consequently, I would have never written the check Mrs. Jerdee wanted me to write her for the larger Promissory Note.  She was crying to me on the phone when I told here I cannot pay it yet; she said just make it out and send it to me and I will hold it.  NOTE:  on the 3 counts for this I was sentenced to a year and a half of jail time and a year and a half of Supervised Release (Probation) for just this portion of the un-fair bogus trial.   If the order was received the Federal Gov would have not brought their charges which were dismissed.  Consequently, the State of ND would not have brought their charges.  Why did not Attorney Mottinger point out to the jury the BIG difference in the signature in his closing statement or when the State Exhibit #35 (page 4) was introduced.  I told him twice during trial it was not my signature!


     4.  Court Appointed defense Attorney Mottinger’s only defense during trial was trying to convince everyone that their were no new Promissory Notes as they had renewed.  He was fully aware of the letter I gave to the Jerdee family offering to renew their notes.  His defense basically consisted of a brief closing statement of approximately 15 minutes.  He CALLED NONE OF THE 11 witness Mr. Noorlun gave him. If he would have had at least the witness whom were ready for the Federal trial Mr. Noorlun would have been found not guilty because of the fact their was never any ‘INTENT’ to deceive in any of the 9 North Dakota State counts.


Following is State of North Dakotas exhibit #35 showing in line 6 that this definitely is not Mr Noorluns signature on the receipt for the Cease & Desist Order delivery..  As you can see his signature to the left is as different as night and day. Mr Noorlun received a year and a half of jail time PLUS an additional year and a half of Probation because the Court Appointed Attorney Mottinger did not point this simple fact out to the Jury although Mr Noorlun pointed these facts out to him at lease three times during trial "Never any INTEND-NOT MY SIGNATURE" all to death ears of his Court Appointed Attorney.




NOTE:  NORTH DAKOTA SEEMS TO BE THE ONLY STATE IN THE UNION WHO HAS GONE BACK TO DEBTORS PRISON WHICH WAS ABOLISHED IN 1896.  IT IS THE ONLY STATE IN THE UNION WHOM CONSIDERS A PROMISSORY NOTE TO BE A SECURITY.  It is the legal opinion of most professionals that an “unpaid loan” is a Civil matter and not a Federal or State Court matter, using Government money to collect on a personal debt.

 An Appeal and Post Conviction Proceedings are pending... 



***  If you feel this has been an unjust trial contact:  Governor John Hoven, 1131 N. 4th St , Bismark , ND 58501 PH 701-223-7654, FAX 701-328.2200,  or EMAIL: governor@state.nd.us and simply state “In the interest of justice, please Pardon Mr. Lyle J Noorlun. case #0903k4290, 11-17-04


A 29 pages “media kit” is available with all copies of documentation listed in this summary call 888-SUR-ICAN, 888-339-FLAG or 310-745-0140 email: support@worldpeaceflag.org, lyle@worldpeaceflag.org   or flagsofpeace@hotmail.com



                         NOAH’S ARK  2005

North Dakota/Canadian border

Peace Gardens?

Noah's Ark will be re-constructed by the US 501 (c) Non Profit, World Peace Flag Organization thru contribution funds only:  As of  March 2005 the goal of the Organization is to place half of the Ark in Canada and half in the US by the Peace Gardens in North Dakota subject to the approval of parties concerned.





     If you believe this matter an UNJUST AMERICAN JUSTICE CALL YOUR CONGRESSPERSON or other Government employee.  Call 1-202-456-1414 for the White House; pass this press release to your local newspapers.     See www.eff.org/congress for email address or phone and fax numbers of your Congress persons.  State of North Dakota, Cass County file # SA#03-CR-03582   PH:  1-701-241-5850     Together we can make a World of Difference!!!   PLEASE FORWARD THIS ALONG TO YOUR EMAIL LIST…………  Thanks for your help!!   Your prayers are appreciated…. Peace and Blessings……



and so it is……….




Disclaimer:  The following Silver Eagle Unlimited Executive Summary is for information purposes only and is temporarily not available until the seed money debt is paid as described below.   It is not offered by Lyle J. Noorlun or Management Services (inc).  When seed money debt is paid opportunity may be available under another Corporation.

Noah's Ark will be re-constructed by the US 501 (c) Non Profit, World Peace Flag Organization thru contribution fund only:  As of  March 2005 the goal of the Organization is to place half of the Ark in Canada and half in the US by the Peace Gardens in North Dakota.  The forgoing is waiting approval from those concerned.



Silver Eagle Unlimited Nevada –USA

Executive Summary CONFIDENTIAL OPPORTUNITY Phase I Preferred Stock Available to 35 or Less Entities 22,000,000 (US) shares  @$1.59 (US) each for $35,000,000

Executive Summary Only Does not imply an offering of Securities

Opportunity available to Accredited Investors only * Not available in the State of North Dakota, USA

Company Vision

 Silver Eagle Unlimited is an environmentally conscious start-up company. It is formed for the purpose of closing escrow and developing 509 acres of land located in Pahrump, NV just 45 miles from Las Vegas. The land is at a higher elevation than Las Vegas so the temperatures are 8 to 10 degrees cooler .It is a beautiful drive from Las Vegas through mountains and peaceful valleys. A recent issue of Builders Magazine featured Pahrump - "Get A Jump On Pahrump". The acreage is divided by highway 160 with approximately 1.3 miles of frontage. Highway 160 is where the majority of the towns business is located on. The north side of the highway acreage is a steady ascending hill .At highest point we are permitted to build we will have a special Theme Park/Amphitheater Theater on a 20 acre parcel that border Nevada's Bureau of Land Management property. That will bring tourist from around the world. This land has a beautiful smog free view of the valley. Now that a major four-lane highway is being completed from Las Vegas to the area, the land is increasing in value quickly. The four lane 160 will end at the beginning of our property. This last summer a 1/6 acre lot on highway 160 sold to Taco Bell for $225,000.Recently, a major developer from Las Vegas has broken ground on a 2,400 acres development located just 7/10th of a mile from ours. Across the highway from that development a 30 acre parcel with highway 160 frontage was just offered on the market for 3.5 million dollars or $166,667 per acre. Also a 50 acre parcel is available for $35,000 per acre with no hwy 160 frontage. Our average cost per acre, with water rights is $19,000 per acre. We have approximately 78 acres of highway 160 frontage. It is our intent with this Phase I financing to secure the land and build a Motion Picture Studio, CD ROM Duplication, two Theme Parks and begin a 18 hole championship golf course on 160 acres with approximately 200-250 home sites. Homes around the golf course will be offered for sale from $175,000 to $295,000 Other home sites will be available on the remanding acres of property not being used for commercial. Phase I investors will own 25% of all business, sale or leasing of land, and the Motion Picture Studio. We will complete 5 low budget family oriented motion pictures within the first 12 months of start up. We currently, have three films in pre­production.  Additionally, a casino/hotel will be built adjacent to the property of which SE owns 10%. Phase II financing of $75,000,000 will complete the sale of lots and golf course, high-end shopping village, fire station, Casino/Hotel, Virtual Reality Bar and Game Room, medical facility, chapel, and multilevel care retirement homes. The theme park behind the studio will be of the Renaissance era and will be used for movie shooting of that time period. The theme parks will help to draw tourist and potential property owners to the area. The project will do business as Eagle Mountain Development.  The land development will be Equestrian friendly.





Silver Eagle Unlimited, Inc was founded in 1997. Silver Eagle can best be described as being in the business of land development and the Motion Picture Studio Business. In recent times its key strengths has been a strong management team with innovative marketing skills.  Business will be conducted under a new Nevada Corporation.




Silver Eagle Unlimited, Inc President and CEO is Lyle J. Noorlun. He has been in the insurance, real estate and financial planning business since 1971. He is a graduate of Washington State Business College, and has held Insurance, Securities and Real Licenses. He has written, designed and produced a goal setting and achievement program entitled "I CAN-can." Additionally, he has produced several videos relative to Financial and Estate Planning. He has produced the seminar entitled " Action Plan & Business Goal Strategies." Currently, he is CEO Of Management Services which raises capital for emerging growth companies. He is CEO and Founder of the World Peace Flag Organization, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping to feed world hunger through education and peace.  Visit:  www.worldpeaceflag.org


CHIEF OPERATIONS OFFICER - Jack McAdams, has just completed a two years contract with the country of Malta where he has constructed a Major Motion Picture Studio, Offices and Theme Park. He has lectured at Loyola University in Los Angeles, the Mediterranean Conference Center, and the European Institute of Film and Television in Oberhausen, Germany He has consulted on Studios and Theme Parks in Korea, Canada, Arizona, So Dakota, Pennsylvania, Montreal Expo and Jordan He is also an accomplished writer, producer and directors of stage, TV and film. Mr. McAdams has a very impressive 14 page resume of major accomplishments.


LITERARY & TALENT SUPERVISOR:-Movie Studio:       Patricia A. Tate, talent agent for feature films, commercials, print, literary and a talent agent owner in the past 10 years. Worked in conjunction with; Warner Bros., MGM, Universal, Disney, Sony Pictures, NBC, CBS, ABC KTTV, FOX, Time Warner and Dick Clark Productions. In the past five years' Pat has been focusing on packaging film scripts with production funding.




It is our intent after we have acquired 100% ownership to this property to first focus our attention on the construction of the Motion Picture Studio, Theme Parks and begin the sale of home and business lots. We will set up a committee to interview new producer/directors for the completion of our first five pictures. This will begin to generate income within the first 18 months of start up. We will begin to receive income immediately from the Theme Parks/Amphitheater and by selling land parcels. Due to the fact we will own most of the equipment that it takes to make a movie; we believe we will be producing a picture with a $1,000,000 dollar look on a $300,000 budget. Out of the first 5 movies funded by Phase I investment we believe at least one of them will be a blockbuster. That one blockbuster could return to our investors their entire investment. The Academy Award winning movies Leaving Las Vegas and Fargo were both produced with less than one million dollar budgets and they each have receipts of over 100 million dollars worldwide.


The Las Vegas area currently has NO MAJOR Motion Picture Studio. Most productions are sent back to Los Angeles for processing. Our 160 acre Motion Picture Studio and Renaissance Festival Theme Park will not only be competitive in producing major motion pictures, but will include a CD ROM Duplication Facility, specifically geared for the production of live-action computerized CD games and an exclusive back lot (Sound Stages) with the ability to create "movie magic". The Studio and Theme Park will be an attraction for tourist to see how "movie Magic" happens. A back lot" reduces the need to film "on location" by creating Building Facades; Sound Stages which create weather conditions to meet movie demands without changing location and more. The studio will include a State of the art Recording Studio; Edit Bays, offices, warehouses and support facilities. There are two small sound stages in has Vegas, which are rented all year-round. Paramount Studios recently had one of them rented out for nine months. Additionally, we intend to generate both interest and income from tours to our studio from Las Vegas, as we believe most people are interested in seeing more than just the gaming area when visiting Las Vegas. We plan to have buses running every hour on the hour to this development. We believe people have great interest in seeing a movie being produced. The film and television industry is worth about $23 Billion a year in revenues to California and is running at full capacity. Besides the "big event" films which require gigantic special effects and enormous sets, there is now a $6 Billion export demand for entertainment product for Europe as well as cable, satellite and airwaves channels, CD ROM's, music videos, and interactive entertainment products. There over 250 TV stations available and there are expected to be over 500 stations by the year 2002. They will all need programming and a place to produce product. As cost are high in the Los Angeles area due to supply and demand of facilities as well as high fees and business taxes, there is an excess of production valued at over $5 Billion per year going to other states or Canada, looking for relief, both physical and financial. But Silver Eagle Unlimited OFFERS EVEN MORE. It is a major land development/master planned community village. Besides the 160 acre film studio/ Renaissance Theme-park, we will develop a high-end housing community surrounding an exclusive 18 hole championship golf course, office complex, retirement home, and business village on the 1.3 miles of highway 160 frontage.



On the highest point of land (just below MT Charleston) and boarding Bureau of Land Management property we will construct an exact replica of Noah’s Ark while filming movie entitled “Noah”. The ark will measure 450 feet long, (approximately one and a half football fields), 75 feet wide and 45 feet tall. It will have three levels. The movie will parallel happenings before the great flood and what is happening today. The desert is the perfect location for this movie because when the waters resided there was nothing... Budget of 7 to 9 million - With the correct script and talent we can pre-sell to obtain most if not all of project costs. When movie is finished we will convert the existing structure into Gift Shops, Restaurants, and entertainment. The 20 acre parcel is the highest available in the area and looks down into the Pahrump valley with a beautiful smog free valley view. The top of the ship will be the perfect place to hold concerts in the evenings and a restaurant/viewing area in the daytime. People from all over the world will want to come to Pahrump to see and be on the very ship where the film was made and as we know Las Vegas is a major International tourist attraction. It well be a place where the human family can visit without concern of any one religious or political belief. “Build it and they will come”




People who tour our studio and theme parks may want to buy one of our lots. The Worldwide distribution of our Movies. We will use the firm PR Newswire for our Press Releases which reach more than 2,500 news rooms, thousand of financial decision-makers and virtually all major databases. We will publish our motion picture production studio in all the trade publications.

NEW INTERNATIONAL ASSET - The Las Vegas airport has recently refitted itself to accommodate international travel. McCarran International Airport now allows enormous commercial traffic bringing tourists from all over the world.                                                Pahrump is only a 45 minute drive or a 15 minute commuter flight away.




We are open to all terms and conditions of funding and are not committed to this Preferred Stock offering as the only means of financing. Silver Eagle Unlimited, Inc currently has two phases of a structured investment opportunity. This Phase I is a Preferred Stock Offering, which consists of $22,000,000 shares of Company Stock @$1.59 each for a total of $34,980,000 (US) or a loan would be preferred. These investor's) will own 25% of the entire purchased land and 25% of Silver Eagle Motion Picture Studios and ALL future movies AND businesses.  It is our intent to return to these investors at lease a 24% ROI. We will pay back the Phase I investors, proceeds from the sale of our first 5 movies, studio rentals, two Theme Parks, sale of land and our 10% share of the adjacent Casino/Hotel. With the companies share of profits we will begin construction of Phase II.  The Phase I investors will have the first right of refusal for our development on any of Phase II projects if we need any additional funding. The Phase 11 investment will complete the golf course, high-end shopping village, Virtual Reality Bar & Game Den, Medical Facility, Casino/Hotel, Chapel and Multi-Care Retirement Homes where we will offer different levels of care.



Income from our first 5 movies (within 18 months), Theme Parks and selling commercial and residential lots.   The Company plans to go public within the first two years.

                                        FACTS ABOUT NEVADA, USA


The land in Nevada is 87% owned by the State, leaving only 13% available for the general public.  Land and water rights are separate issues in Nevada.  You can own land but not have the right to take the water out of the ground you own or visa versa.  Water rights in Nevada are worth more than gold.  The 509 acres available above is owned by 5 different families and does not have any water rights.  Mr. Noorlun has available for the projects enough water rights to make the project feasible.  It is believed that just by putting the land and water rights together the 12 million invested will at least double in value.  Pahrump is a Paiute Indian name for “Valley of The Water”.   Near this property one can see clear clean (tested) drinking water gushing out of the ground. Visit:  www.yellowismellowdownwithbown.com


 *CURRENT INFORMATION – FULL DISCLOSURE:  Visit www.fargosnoah.com here you will discover some of the trials and tribulations Mr. Noorlun has been dealt with over the last 6 years by the Governments of American because he could not pay back a loan on time.   By visiting fargosnoah.com you will discover, he is being challenged again.  When he asked a government appointed counsel if the balance of the $250,000 seed money debt was paid:  “Would these old but new charges for the same alleged loan violation go away if the balance of $180,000 on the “Promissory Notes” were paid?”  The answer was:  “We don’t take to kindly to someone borrowing money from our residents and not paying it back so, if paid,  it probably would go away”.  Investors in the project should know that all moneys will be deposited into an escrow account until the 12 million is available to purchase land and water rights.  At this time the seed money balance due of $180,000 will be paid if it is still owed.







Visit:  http://www.worldpeaceflag.com    WIN a FREE “1st in 10” PEACE FLAG & download a FREE marketing EBOOK!!!             YOU CAN EARN  Passive  INCOME for 8 years or more WHILE PROMOTING PEACE “

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A US 501 Non- Profit Organization formed in 1996

  P R E S S  R E L E A S E
Contact: Lyle J. Noorlun, 888-339-3524


The World Peace Flag Organization is a US 501 Non Profit Organization, located in Playa Vista, CA and established in 1996 for the purpose of raising funds to help feed and house the homeless.  The Organization gives to its supports a gift of the first or 2nd  in a series of l0 annual World Peace Flags.  The first years Flag is a colorful piece of art with 100 Countries Flags on one side and 97 Countries Flags on the other.  The recently selected  “2nd in 10” Peace Flag contains 227 Countries Flags on one side. Over the next 8 years 8 more annual flags will be selected.  IF YOUR SCHOOL OR ORGANIZATION WISHES TO SUBMIT AN ENTRY FOR NEXT YEARS  "3rd in 10" Peace Flag CONTACT:   SUPPORT@WORLDPEACEFLAG.ORG

The supportive contributor also can receive one of the newly designed Wheels of Peace. Whereas the user selects a countries number off the World map, selects that number on the Peace Wheel and then the wheel displays that countries Flag, Capital, Populations and how to write the word Peace in its language.  Together the Flags and Peace Wheel make an educational gift that teaches geography, peace and love.  Each August the Flag design will change and at the end of 10 years the Human Family will vote as to which of the 10 Flags will become the International Flag of Peace.  Also, available is the new Organizations logo pictured above on buttons, bumper stickers and the like.  The Organization has a web site at www.worldpeaceflag.org.   If you, your school or Organization have a design for a Peace Flag the Organization is actively looking for its “3rd in 10” World Peace Flag.

The Organization is happy to announce that it has implemented a Business Opportunity known on the Internet as the Affiliate Program whereas other Non-Profit Organization or Individuals can receive up to 50% of the adjusted Gross Profits by simply linking web sites.  The supporting Organization does not have to do anything more than to link their site via the Affiliate Program.  Amazon.com was the first to implement such a sharing of the profits program with great success several years ago.  Image receiving passive income for 10 years by simply linking web sites one time.   There is currently no cost to join this program. . After linking sites the Organization teaches the Affiliates how to market on the Internet and is currently providing information on how to obtain $195.00 of marketing software free.   If a non-profit wants to distribute items on a face to face basic a consignment agreement is available.

All moneys for the Organization are held in a merchant service account with Union Bank.  Distributions of profits are first paid to Affiliates and the balance will be distributed to Countries based upon population percentages.  As an example, say the total population of Australia was 10% of the World population.  Any established and accredited charitable organization (s) in Australia would receive 10% of the total profits.

Currently, the Organization  has available a beautifully colored 20X30 Flags made of durable synthetic cloth and the International Book of Facts, however, its founder, Mr. Noorlun sees in the very near further other gifts with the current years Flag logo such as baseball hats, T-Shirts, Sweat Shirts, car flags,  buttons, bumper stickers and the like.  Each time an order is placed by an Affiliates Link they will receive 50% of the adjusted gross profits on each item and a smaller percentage of their sub-affiliates efforts.   A sponsor can make a contribution at the web site and have an item sent as a gift to another person with a card enclosed to state the reason for the gift such as; Happy Holiday, or Happy Birthday etc The Flag is a “Piece of Art” that is a magnificent reminder that we all share collectively in the responsibilities of the World.

The Organization has for its spokespersons Brian Cranston from the hit TV Comedy  series “Malcolm in the Middle,” Susan Hoffman, Mrs. International, Bryan Dattilo, star of NBC TV, “Days of Our Lives” and Sabryn Genet, star of CBS TV “The Young and the Restless. The World Peace Flag Organization was created so people will have an opportunity to reach out and give to the less fortunate.  The goals of the Organization are to not only help feed and house the homeless but to give them a sense of dignity by teaching them to provide for themselves.   Mr. Noorlun states we have the resources and knowledge to eliminate World Hunger.  By eliminating hunger we will consequently eliminate most reasons for WAR.  Together we can and are making a World of Difference!   









Post Office Box #9161

Marina del Rey,    CA 90292







May 97 - Present Life Insurance Sales.  Also, founded World Peace Flag Organization, a US nonprofit Organization.  The Organization gives to people who donate $40.00 or more a first in a series of 10 annual World Peace Flags and International Book of Facts as a gift for their contributions.  It provides other non-profits with a means of earning contributions.  The Flag and Book of Facts is an educational tool that teaches geography, peace and love.  Our mission is to help eliminate World hunger while teaching a person to feed themselves. 100% of net profits are given away.  Our By-Law state that no one person working for this Organization will ever receive more than $500 a week in salary.  Visit the web at worldpeaceflag.org  During this time frame I spent all of my assets attempting to develop 509 acres of land in Pahrump, NV, The project included a Motion Picture Studio, 125 - 175 equestrian home sites, Renascence Theme Park and an exact replica of Noah's Ark.  The project funding has fallen through several times and I am now looking for a new career challenge.


Nov 1971 - May 97 Marketed financial planning products through Management Services where I was Senior Advisor for several Major Corporations.  My earnings during this time were between $45,000 year and $168,000 as a Managing General Agent.  Business and marketing experience to include 401K, 403 (b), Section 125's, Life-Health and Commercial Insurance.  Commercial Real Estate, 2nd Trust Deeds, Real Estate Partnerships, Limited Liability Co's, Telecommunications Business Opportunities, Annuities and other financial products.  I have developed, managed and sold several successful Insurance Agencies.  With one Life Insurance Agency I managed and supplied leads for over 60 Agents.  Currently, I'm licensed with Prudential American Life and Health, Blue Cross, Jackson Nat'l Life, Kemper, Metropolitan and Banner Life Insurance as an Insurance Broker.


During the last 31 years in business related services, I've hired and trained 100's of salespeople.  I've designed and taught two self-improvement courses: 1. "Grow as a Pro", designed for "how to" in the field of sales.  This course consists of 22 hours of classroom training, and 2. "Adventures in Attitude", designed basically to get rid of "Stinking Thinking" course time 25 hours.  Also, I've written, designed and produced a goal setting and achieving program entitled "I CAN-can7'.  Consists of a colorful labeled tin can, which stands 4 V2 inches high and contains a 131 page book and motivational/subliminal cassette tape that will guide a person through the visualization and attainment of their goals.  Additionally, I've designed and taught a four-hour course entitled "Action Plan & Business Goal Strategies".  A "How to Succeed" business plan.  I've been a member of the million dollar round table and received many Achievement Awards for production.  It has always been important to me to be at the top of sales contests.  I've completed Life Underwriters Training Counsel and parts of Certified Life Underwriters.  I'm familiar with most of the major computer programs and Internet Marketing.  Over the last several years I've taken and completed courses at the Hollywood Film Institute relative to Film Production, Directing, Screen writing, Acting for Beginners and Film Editing.  With this knowledge I've produced five videos relative to Financial and Estate Planning.  They are each 13 to 18 minutes long and are entitled (1) Do I Need a Living Trust? (2) Charitable Giving Remainder Trust 3) Estate Taxes Paid for Pennies on the Dollar (4) Long Term Care Alternatives and (5) CD's vs.  SAFE Tax Deferred Alternatives All of these videos were produced with graphs, still pictures and charts.





Two years Business College at Washington State, Life Underwriters Training Counsel, Certified Life Underwriters, Prudential Insurance PITP (3 years sales/product training) Securities Training, Hollywood Film Institute and numerous evening classes for Computer, Internet,  and business related studies.  Completed the public speaking course Toastmaster.  Teacher of Tai Chi.






Male, 60 years young (12-23-1944), physically active in excellent health.  I enjoy leaning and teaching.  I am a moral individual with high integrity and believe all virtuous endeavors are possible with the help of our Creator.





AND SO IT IS..............